I got my financial aid package with a $13,000 SAIC Creative Honors scholarship. After loans and work study, I still have to come up with $20,000 for the first year. Loans in these huge amounts are so scary to me. But I am going to do it anyway! I am considering it an investment in myself. Every other time I have done something like this it has turned out very well.

I bought my first computer used with lots of software already on it. I taught myself how to use it and how to use the software. I read help files and software manuals. I landed an art director job by telling the boss that I knew how to use quark. I didn’t. I had a three day weekend to bone up. I was flat broke and spent almost my last $30 on a quark “bible”, read the whole thing while riding in the car on vacation. I wasn’t very good company, but I learned enough to be able to fake it when I got to work on Monday morning.

Just gotta believe…