Yesterday I registered for classes and spoke with the financial aid person. I’m taking 12 credits this first semester. One class is at night and one class is on Saturday. Which means I will have some daytime hours to do freelance graphics and market my fine art and paint.

The line up is art history, research studio, english, and core studio. Core studio is where you get exposed to all manner of disciplines, from woodworking to drawing. Should be a blast!

The financial side was a bit of a roller coaster ride. I was expecting to sign for a loan at the school, but it looks like I have to get the loan from a second party. She did however advise me to appeal my financial aid decision when I told her I was leaving my job.

I also found out I cannot take out a loan against my 401K if I leave my job. A bit of a disappointment there, as I was counting on that. That rule seems illogical to me. If I have my job I wouldn’t need a loan right? I still need clarification on the hardship disbursement. It was late in the day on Friday when I thought to ask. I’ll try again finding an answer to that on Monday.

I take the “Pink Line” elevated train into Chicago, which is called the “L”. Luckily I’m at the end of the line in Cicero and easily grabbed a seat. I had not been on the L during a week day for many years and I was surprised how fast my car filled up.

It felt great riding along in the sunshine through all the different neighborhoods. Looking down into windows, backyards and side streets you get an intimate view of the hard working people of the city.

When I got home I started researching school loans. The interest rates are shocking! The fixed rates start at 5.75 and the variable rates are outrageous! They try to sucker you in with a starting rate of 2.5 that could eventually go up to 18! I’ll be going with a fixed rate even if it is 6 or 7 percent.

It’s a bit discouraging to see these loan rates, but I am determined to keep going. Somehow people are going to school and living their lives. If they can do it, I can do it.