I’m now counting down the days of full-time work and looking forward to my new more free-er lifestyle. July 31st is my last day here at work. That’s 4 days from now. Wow scary! No paychecks!

I have some money saved so I won’t worry for now. I will be looking for freelance work in the days and weeks ahead (pass the word please). I can do print and web design, print production, illustration, retouching, and I’m still learning coding.

In August I plan on getting down to business with coding much more and hope to be proficient with html and css by August 31st. Maybe I’ll even get farther than that. I want to earn Java and Php next.

I’ve been training my replacement for 2 weeks. She is very good and has taken over except for a few questions and guidance here and there. So, I’m mostly just left alone in a cube by myself to work on learning coding at Codecademy.