This is a new personal project.

As I walk my dogs or drive down the side streets of Cicero, I see many yards, porches, and steps with swan planters sitting there. It seems to be a “thing” here.

A few years ago, I started a Flickr photo set called Swans Around Town. I added a few photos and then let it slide to the back burner. I liked the idea back then and I still think its a fun idea, so I’ve started a new project. Instead of photography, I will do sketches in a Japanese Folding Moleskine called (what else) “Swans Around Town”. This Moleskine will be dedicated to drawings of swan planters. There are many different kinds of swan planters and I am here to document said swan planters in the summer, fall, winter, and spring. I think I am the first one ever to do so, but maybe not the last.

Swans Around Town Gallery

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  1. Mary says:

    These sketches are wonderful! This is a unique project – I’m looking forward to seeing more of them!

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