The course is “Luck in Ethics”. Glad to finally be getting down to business. Got a lot of questions answered during orientation. At times I wondered, what have i gotten myself into? Sounds like this will be a great challenge. The biggest of my life.

On Monday we met with reps from the different departments. I attended the Ceramics, Painting and Drawing, Sculpture and Print Media sessions. Yesterday we watched a critique.

In between, there were various lectures, question and answer sessions, and just talking with orientation leaders. There was a lot going on every day.

More later. . .


This morning I got mixed up and went to the wrong building. Luckily, I had allowed plenty of extra time and had no problem making it to class on time. We had a shortened class today. The teacher, I will call her Ms. S. had high expectations for the first day and wanted us to break into groups, discuss some passages and write a short paper. One of the passages came from Hamlet. Only two people in the class read Hamlet!

The experience made me realize I have to really shake the cobwebs out. I started reading Hamlet when I got home.

Class let out about 10:30 a.m. so I went to the Magritte show at the AIC. Everything was free except the audio tour device. That was $5. I really loved the exhibit. One of a kind stuff!

By then my feet were hurting and I was hungry and thirsty so I went home and worked on reading the homework and researching all the topics we were given today.

Tomorrow night at 6 is my Core Research class. I hope it goes better than English! lol