Almost nothing at school is as I expected. English 101 is more like Philosophy 303. We are examining the effects of luck on morals, different types of luck, and how they affect our judgments of ourselves and others and events in history. It is endlessly interesting and I do mean endlessly!

Orientation dinner was nothing to write home about. The food was cold pizza, nachos, veggie trays and lemonade or water. The second floor of the Sharp building was jam packed with young adults having a good time. It was loud, jarring and crowded, hip hop music and kids running around asserting themselves among their peers-just the kind of thing I abhor. I found a quiet corner near the windows and talked to some Chinese students and a special ed student who seemed to be as uncomfortable as I felt. We hit it off and had a nice chat.

There is another student my age who I keep running into named Jane who is a fiber artist from Virginia and lives in the dorm! Can you imagine? At least she has a private room.

I think so far my favorite class is Core Research. We are really moving along in that class. I’ve already filled 20 pages in my sketchbook. We are reading, going to lectures, and discussing and writing what these things made us think about. In last nights class we each presented our best work as a way to introduce ourselves, and discussed whether we thought the work was successful, who our audience was and what we hope to accomplish in the future.

I’ve had one Core Studio class and we will be covering 2D, 3D, and 4D types of artwork. We will be learning to be proficient with many different tools (read power tools) and techniques. We were introduced to the wood shop, the service bureau, and the photography resource. On Saturday we split into pairs and went outside to take pictures of each other as we became one minute sculptures. We also went to the Magritte exhibit, which I had already poured over on a weekday when I had the place to myself. So I was glad that I could wander through without being bothered by the fact that it was packed to the rafters with people and it was hard to get near enough to see or read the plaques.

Art History starts on Monday the 8th.

I added two more images to my Swans Around Town sketchbook.


Empty and broken but on display.


A little worse for wear with some pitiful, non-productive tomato plants growing, balancing on a fence made out of pipe.