Wow, wow, wow! I am so busy! I have the day off today and need to work on my projects, have a lot of reading to do (about 20 pages) and some writing as well. The reading and writing for today are all assigned in my Art History class. I love Art History! I never thought I would, but it is so interesting. The first reading assignment was completed, then I had my second class and another reading assignment was given. Then I (we) got an email stating that Mr. S (the teacher) regretted the confusion about the writing assignment! What writing assignment!? I read the syllabus, and there was no mention of a writing assignment. So now I need to do a couple of paragraphs on the first and second reading assignments. Plus there is a longer writing assignment due anytime during the semester that I need to start thinking about.

In Core Studio I have an assignment due tomorrow. I have an idea of what I’m going to do, but I need to create the piece. The assignment is an expanded drawing incorporating sewing or stitching somehow.

We are doing a weeks long project in Core Research class involving touring the art institute and choosing 6 artworks, sketching them and reading about these artists and eventually paring down to choosing one, researching this artist and then creating a presentation and an artwork inspired by the artist that you have researched. Fun huh? And it’s not due until Sept. 30th. Thank you for a reasonable amount of time to do a good job Ms. J.

I submitted my first draft of a writing assignment in English and haven’t heard back yet. It was 5 pages on Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics.

It is very early in the morning here. I have coffee and I’m about to get started on the readings for Art History. Then I will work on the piece for CS. Wish me luck!