Made this stand for my antique rolling pin in wood shop. I rigged a light inside to light up the marbles.

IMG_0724 IMG_0725

Below is an acrylic painting done for research class after painter O. Louis Guglielmi. I researched him and then tried to create a piece in his style. He was known as a magic realist. My painting is about the failing middle class. Guglielmi like to create work with a social message.


Below is the work I based mine off of. The first one, called “The River” is at the Art Institute of Chicago.


Guglielmi Tenements mentalgeographyArt1_GuglielmiGeography nightwindow19939702_1_l rampartstreet1950gugleilmi129287052820140704_c0994378-054f-4391-b4b4-823b466cd511_174623_570 reliefblues1971.447.34_1a thesubway9cfcc629115a0c45bdeba5cb4bc199ae